An Aspect of World Building

Amusingly, Bruce’s main blog has an element of correspondence to my side blog, and his side blog to my main blog. Here’s a good thumb of rules for generating settings and characters.


Hello Gentle Readers!

I have finally gotten around to writing my second essay for, a piece about using aspects for world-building and characterization.  I started this as a quick response to a question on LinkedIn, and it has grown into something long enough, and perhaps useful enough, that it is worth sharing.

Aspect-driven world building depends on a combination of characteristic phrases and Jungian archetypical criticism to develop a resonant and consistent ensemble of concepts, locations, and characters to support a dynamic story.

I do not know if other authors put the stories together in the same way that I do, but none of the concepts are entirely my own.  The concept of Aspects comes from the Fate role-playing system designed by Rob Donaghue and Fred Hicks.  When I apply it to stories I use Jungian archetypes that I learned in college under Dr. Carol Ann Russell of Bemidji…

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